British watch company, Pinion is based just outside of Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire and produce timepieces designed, built and tested in England to exacting standards, using high-quality Swiss watch movements.

In Pinion, the vintage charm and character of high-quality Swiss movements meet 21st century, yet traditional, English watchmaking skills and craft. The result is a collection of contemporary wristwatches that have already once stood the test of time.

Ownership of a Pinion watch is a new message to the future; an act of faith that something about its quality, creativity, and individuality will be cherished and remembered.

You’ll discover that the materials and movements for our watches are carefully selected for their specific properties and capabilities. Every watch is created using rigorous processes by designers, fabricators, and craftspeople, and assembled by our highly experienced British watchmakers.

Our original code values clarity over complexity and meticulous attention to detail on the dial, case, glass, and strap. And in those places where detail would add nothing we prefer to leave it out.

Assembling the Valjoux 7734 movement

Pinion foundations

British watch company, Pinion was founded in 2013 by a professional designer, Piers Berry.

With over twenty years experience in digital design, Piers has produced numerous award-winning products and acclaimed mobile apps that have been downloaded millions of times across the globe.

Having admired all forms of product design, about ten years ago Piers developed a strong interest in simple, hand-wound watches. The design and operation of these pieces were in many ways the world apart from Piers’ daily routine of dealing with pixels and code. After five years of collecting watches, Piers furthered his passion and experience by working independently with a number of luxury watch brands, providing digital design solutions and product photography

Driven by a desire to design a watch he could call his own, Piers left Redberry, a successful Henley-based digital company he had co-founded with two childhood friends to conceive British watch company, Pinion. He began by designing a debut watch collection, called ‘AXIS’ – a trio of automatic wristwatches that referenced instruments from the World War II era.

Pinion was launched at British fine watch exhibition, SalonQP in November 2013, showcasing the Axis collection in a number of different case finishes and metals. The DLC-coated Axis Black sold out soon after its release at the show.

Piers Berry

“When the brand launched at SalonQP, I didn’t actually have any watches until two days before the event..” – Read how Piers launched Pinion.

Following this success, Piers went on to design two new watch collections in 2014; the Pure and the Revival 1969, both of which utilised hand-wound mechanical movements.

2015 saw Pinion mature and grow and becoming known as a leading British watch brands plus forming creative and commercial partnerships with companies such as the Japanese denim manufacturer, Iron Heart and Manchester based clothing company, Private White V.C.  Pinion has also expanded its retail footprint in the USA via the San Diego-based independent watch specialist, Passion Fine Jewelry.

In 2016, Pinion has revisited it’s original Axis line with a redesigned and re-engineered Axis II plus additional models added to the hand wound Pure watch family.

You can contact Pinion founder, Piers by email here.

The name Pinion

British Watch Company PINION

A pinion is gear wheel, that is often used in a variety of applications including mechanical watchmaking.

Sitting at the very heart of every watch, pinions mesh together with other gears to perform significant tasks such as moving the visible watch hands.