We’ve compiled a list of common questions we get asked by customers.
If you have a specific question that isn’t listed here, then contact us directly for a response.

Purchasing and viewing watches

With the exception of a single independent retailer (Passion Fine Jewerly, USA) we don’t stock our watches in stores. If you are UK based, then you can contact us to arrange an appointment for you to view our collection in London or near to our Oxfordshire base.

We also run monthly meet-ups at a Century, a private members club in London. You can check dates and register to attend at our Apex London page.

Ordering via the website: Simply add the watch to your basket and choose either to pay a deposit (£500) or in full. Once you have made your order, we’ll be in touch with timings for delivery.

Alternatively, contact us with details on which model you wish to buy and we’ll be in touch with timings and costs. We’ll then raise an invoice to pay a deposit (£500) which can be paid securely online.

This is dependent on a number of factors:

  • If the watch and strap are in stock we ship within 24 hours of receiving payment
  • If the watch is in stock and we need to make a strap, this will take around one week after receiving a deposit payment
  • If the watch needs to be built, then this will generally take 10-14 days after receiving the deposit. We’ll contact you with timings.

Yes, just contact us and tell us you wish to cancel the order for an immediate refund. Please note that refunds come from Paypal and can take up-to one week to be paid back into your bank account / credit card.

Yes. Our site has a secure HTTPS connection, and payments are made securely via our online payment gateway (Paypal). We don’t store or have visibility of any credit card details entered.

Yes, provided you contact us within 14 days of receiving it, the watch can be returned for a full refund. If the watch is returned to us within 14 days then we will also refund your shipping.

Please note, that watches returned need to be in perfect condition. We’d recommend you try the watch for fitting purposes only before you decide whether to keep it or not. Charges may apply if there are scratches or marks on the watch case if it is returned. For more information, please view our terms and conditions.

Please note any special or bespoke orders may not be refundable.

Our watches are 42mm (Axis II, Pure) and 43mm (Revival 1969) which are good sizes for most wrists. We’ve also designed the lugs that the straps are fitted to to be quite small, so there shouldn’t be any overlap if you have a smaller wrist. If you already wear another watch then the best thing to do is tell us what you are used to wearing when you enquire and we can give our thoughts on sizing. Please see our notes on dimensions in the watch details FAQs.

No we don’t offer customised watches. We occasionally produce one-off samples which may have different dials, the best thing to do is to sign up to our newsletter as we occasionally have samples for sale there.

Yes we’ve shipped to many major countries across the world.

For UK deliveries, we use Royal Mail Special Delivery and DHL. For international deliveries we use DHL and Fedex. If you have a preference for delivery company then please let us know when ordering, please note extra charges may apply.

No – we currently don’t provide custom engraving as a service.

No. The original AXIS is now sold out. Pre-owned or prototype samples may become available for sale in the future – Signing up to our newsletter will enable any news on these.

No. The best way to spread payments is by paying with a credit card.

Watch details

Axis II / Pure: 42mm excluding the crown

Revival 1969: 43mm excluding the crown

Atom: 41mm excluding the crown

Axis II / Pure: 46mm.

Revival 1969: 48mm.

Note: lug to lug is the distance measured from the top of the spring bars holes at 12H down to the bottom ones at 6H.

Axis II: 13mm.

Pure: 13.5mm.

Revival 1969: 14mm.

Note: Height it measured from the back of the caseback to the top of the crystal.

Yes – Our watches are coated on the inside of the glass only.

All of our crowns are push in. The crowns have a double gasket feature that provides extra protection for water resistance.

All of our watches are tested to 100 Meters / 10 Atmospheres / 10 Bar. Before you go in water, please ensure the crown is pushed in, and if you are using a chronograph (Revival 1969) don’t press the pushers whilst under water.

The DLC coating is very robust, and will not develop fine scratches like a stainless steel one might, but this is dependent on how you wear your watch. If you are careful then it’s possible to wear your DLC coated watch without marking it, however a hard knock to the case will potentially cause a mark. If you are worried about marking a DLC watch and have no experience of owning one before, then we’d recommend you contact us for more information.

The Atom is powered by a Miyota 9015 automatic movement that provides power to the watch by a moving rotor.

The rotor in the Miyota is uni-directional, meaning that when it moves, it spins rather in a single direction like the Swiss ETA 2824-2 as seen in the Axis II.

Because of this spinning, the Japanese movement is well known to be more noisy than it’s Swiss counterpart due to this free spinning rotor and it a perfectly normal characteristic of the mechanical movement working.

You should only contact us regarding this matter if you notice a change in the noise, or if it gets louder over time in which case we can have a look at for you.

Bronze watches

The bronze we used is a marine grade phosphor bronze. The closest match would be: CuSn8

This is dependent on a number of factors such as: how often the watch is worn and the environment in which it is worn. The patina process is quite slow, but will you notice subtle changes to the case after a few weeks of wearing it. After 3-6 months the watch will change colour and continue to develop patina.

Yes – Follow our guide on how to clean your bronze watch.

Please note that whilst cleaning the watch will remove most patina it won’t go back to it’s original state when bought new. If you want to get it back to it’s raw finish then we can do this, but it requires a full strip down, re-finishing, re-assembly and pressure testing so we’d recommend this is done at service where there would be an extra fee for cleaning the entire bronze case.

Please note: We recommend you DON’T use any chemical based brass or bronze cleaner as this will likely polish your watch removing the brushed finish to your watch.

No, the bronze go darker brown. It may develop small areas of green patina in certain areas – for example near the inside of the lugs. Green tones of colour may also develop if the watch is used in salt sea water. The process of patina on a bronze watch differs for every person, so no two watches will look the same.

No, because all of our watches have stainless steel case backs, buckles and crowns, there is very little contact with your skin. Also the lugs on our watch cases have been designed to sit slightly above the skin so there is minimal contact there. Please note, we’ve been making bronze watches for over two years and have never had any customers tell us this has happened to them.


Our straps are 22mm at the lugs and 22mm at the buckle. You can use our straps on any watch in our range.

Our straps are fitted by 22mm spring bars that fit on the inside of the case.

First you will need a spring bar tool to do this job. The tool levers the existing strap out of the case and is used to fit the new strap. If it’s not something you’ve done before, to avoid marking your watch we’d recommend taking the watch to a jewerly shop or watch repairer who will be able to do this for you (Please note: There will likely be a small fee for doing this).

Yes. Most 22mm straps will fit our watches. Please note you’ll find that most aftermarket straps will have different holes and are likely to taper to 20mm so they won’t work with the PINION buckle.

If you want to have a custom strap made, then we’d recommend there is a tolerance of 1-1.5mm near the spring bar hole – too much leather around this and the strap won’t fit properly, plus it will rub against the case.

Depending on which strap you want, yes you can – Simply contact us and we can make a bespoke version of the strap for you.

This is dependent on a number of factors – including how often you wear your watch and whether you swim / get your strap wet. As a general rule, we’d recommend you change your strap once a year, however this may be longer if not worn every day.

No. They can be used in water but please note this may change their appearance and may require you to change the strap sooner. If you want to use your strap regularly in water then we’d recommend purchasing a 22mm nylon or an aftermarket rubber strap and using one of those. You shouldn’t wear our leather straps in swimming pools due to chemicals used.

The best thing to do is to measure your wrist or use our wrist measuring guide to determine your wrist size. As a general rule – a wrist size between 15cm and 18.5cm will require a regular sized strap – Any size outside of this range may require a small, medium or large sized.

To measure your wrist, use a tape measure or a piece of string and place this around the part where you wear your watch and take the measurement or place the string flat against a ruler.

View our strap measuring guide (pdf)

We currently don’t manufacture steel bracelets but can recommend and supply third party robust stainless steel bracelets fitted to your watch. Please note The bracelet would fit like a normal strap so there would be a slight gap between the strap and case.

We currently don’t manufacture rubber straps but can recommend and supply third party ones fitted to your watch.

Servicing and repairs

As a general rule, we’d recommend you service your watch every 3 to 5 years. If you use your watch for swimming or diving, then we’d recommend 2 to 3 years as the rubber gaskets would need replacing more regularly.

If your watch is outside of the two year warranty, then our charges are:

£180 to have the timing regulated and pressure tested and £340 for a general service. Prices are inclusive of VAT. Delivery is included in the price for the UK. For international customers, delivery is an extra £25.

We should be able to service and return a watch within 10-14 days from receiving our watch from you. We’ll provide an estimate when you contact us to book the watch in.

Yes, a competent mechanical watchmaker / repairer would be able to service our watches as they use the ETA2824-2 (AXIS / AXIS II) and UNITAS 6498 (PURE) these movements are often used in watches made by other companies so should be familiar to your watchmaker. Our REVIVAL 1969 uses a Valjoux 7734, so whilst rare – this movement was popular of watches from the 1960s and 1970s, so it would be best to ask your watchmaker first.

PINION watches don’t require any special tools to open the cases, but we’d recommend you get your watchmaker to contact us first so we can provide instructions. If you require any major replacement parts then you’ll need to book your watch with us for a service.

If your watch develops a problem within the first two years, then it will be covered by our international two year warranty. Simply contact us and let us know the issue, then we’ll provide instructions on how the watch can be returned so we can inspect it.