Dial detail on the Pinion Pure Pro bronze watch


An Important decision for us.

In 2013, we were the first company to make a contemporary bronze watch that was built in England.

Now, three years later the popularity of bronze watches has become mainstream. Therefore we’ve made the important decision to exit from bronze, which means we can focus on new models and metals.

Bronze Exit means you will be able to purchase one of our last remaining PURE Bronze models for the special price of £1,950.00 (£1,625.00 ex VAT). This price includes worldwide shipping.

How to order

You can order one of our specially priced bronze watches direct from our online shop, by paying a deposit of £500. Your watch and strap will then be made to order and delivered in 14-21 days.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, drop us an email at: hello@pinionwatches.com for more information.