We are pleased to announce a new watch for 2014: The Pinion Axis Pure

This new Pinion will feature a Swiss handwound movement, it will be available in bronze and steel cases and will be produced in a limited production run of only 100 pieces, shipping Autumn 2014. Anyone interested in reserving one of these watches should contact Pinion at:



As we live in modern times, with smart phones and other automatic timekeeping devices, the Axis Pure provides the perfect antidote to the digital age: As the name suggests, it celebrates mechanical timekeeping in its purest form by utilising a decorated handwound movement, the UNITAS 6498. Originally developed as a pocket watch calibre in the 1950s, this highly dependable and robust Swiss movement provides accurate timekeeping and when fully wound, a power reserve of 46 hours. Piers Berry, Founder of Pinion and designer of the Axis Pure: “The requirement to wind the watch on a regular basis, will allow the owner to form a connection with this mechanical timepiece. Plus part of the charm of this watch will be the slower tick-tick sound, which you only really get with handwound movements such as the 6498”.


The design of the Axis Pure references classic military watches and instruments from the early 20th century. The numerals, indexes and hands mimic the colour seen in vintage watches from this period, which were painted in radioluminescent paint containing radium. The Axis pure has updated this using modern Swiss SuperLuminova® which provides visible timekeeping in low light conditions. The dial is built with multiple levels. The central area is raised and brushed vertically whilst the numerals and indexes are applied, polished and raised on the outer area providing depth to the dial and perfect clarity for timekeeping at all angles.


The Axis Pure is available in two case materials: Stainless steel, which is polished, providing superb reflection and bronze alloy in brushed effect. Having already launched two bronze watches, the Axis Pure continues our passion with the alloy and is ‘Marine Grade’, meaning it shares the same high qualities as professional marine equipment. The alloy is highly resistant to corrosion by developing a natural patina over the metal. The effect and intensity of patina will vary on wearing conditions, meaning no two watches will look the same when worn over long periods. Both watches will come with a steel engraved case back containing the number of the watch and will come presented is our elegant Pinion polished wooden box.