The NBC Series TAKEN had it’s premiere this week on NBC in the USA and Amazon Prime Video / iTunes for the rest of us. The pilot episode sees British actor, Clive Standen, as Bryan Mills wearing the original PINION AXIS BLACK watch.

The watch featured in some prominent scenes – such as the dramatic opening fight, a scene where Bryan Mills phones his old colleague and a rather gruesome bit where Bryan attends to his leg after being shot.

Clive wears this watch for the first and second episode, then from the third episode onwards he’ll be wearing the PURE PRO BLACK and three other leading cast will also be wearing AXIS and PURE watches for the remainder of the first series.

The original AXIS BLACK is sold out, but we can offer a customised AXIS II BLACK case with the same dial if you are interested in buying this watch. Please contact us for more information.

Clive standen as Bryan Mills wearing the Pinion Axis Black Watch from TAKENBryan Mills calls his ex.colleague from the pilot episode of TAKENBryan Mills attends to his shot leg, wearing a PINION AXIS BLACK watch, from TV Show TAKEN

The AXIS BLACK seen on the wrist (Not from TAKEN).

You can view the trailer for TAKEN below.