Bromhead Russet

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Soft grained calf leather is the perfect material for our Bromhead straps. Whilst the mood they create is unmistakebly military, the style and feel is a little more luxurious, which is due to our extra lining we place on the inside of the strap.

Unlike the rest of our straps, the Bromhead is made from one piece, meaning it fits behind the caseback of the watch and is supremely comfortable due to it’s thinner style. Whilst you can slide this strap into the watch without removing the spring bars, we’d recommend you do to avoid any scrapes that could occur.

The universal size of the strap means it can be worn by most wrist sizes, with the extra leather folded back into the heavy metal keepers on smaller wrists. Contact us before ordering if you require a bespoke size.

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The PINION watch strap: A meeting of Science and Spirit

The PINION ethos is to pursue the preservation of manual skills and craft without sacrificing design ideas and future-pointing trends.

Our luxury straps are all hand-made one by one, in an artisan process consisting of multiple steps. In every PINION watch strap you can see and feel the craftsman’s experience and involvement.

We start with a simple belief that a quality, leather watch strap should be a product you can wear for years; a product that you can hand on to the next generation.

Our leather straps are made from the finest hand-picked natural hides, carefully thinned to an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm, according to the strap style and its intended purpose.

All the stitching and hole punching on your PINION leather strap is done by hand, and cleanly finished.

The Drayton, Bodley and Squeaker straps are created using a triple layered construction method in their hand manufacture. The bottom layer is made in a softer leather for comfort on the wrist. A stiffer, middle layer of carbon linen provides strength and flex around the lugs before a special coating and impregnation fixing process ensures that the display leather will simply get better looking with age.

As a natural product, leather is subject to environmental influences and so to an ageing process – even when treated with traditional procedures to make it durable. So you can expect our straps to take on a patina over time, a pleasing aged look that adds character and reflects every strap’s life story.

Where our straps are beveled and edge coated, this too is done by hand. The colour is mixed to match the tone of the display leather exactly for an elegant and smooth finishing touch.

Our leather straps are easily cleaned with a gentle rub from a soft cloth and warm water. Leather should be allowed to dry naturally and not forced as this will dry out the natural oils and lead to premature cracking and brittleness.

All our leather straps come fitted with a 22mm PINION engraved stainless steel buckle in a brushed or polished finish. Each strap comes with two keepers, one fixed and one floating. The floating keeper is removable. PINION can also supply 22mm spring bars for fitting directly to the watch.

We produce our straps in two sizes: standard and large. We also offer a bespoke service that can suit your individual needs. Please contact us for more information.

Once we have received your order, we will contact you via email or phone to confirm the details and then we’ll proceed to build your watch which usually takes 5-7 days, or we’ll get it ready for shipping if it’s in stock.

When your watch is ready, we’ll contact you again to arrange a suitable delivery date and book this in with either Fedex or DHL.

On the day the watch is ready to be shipped, we’ll authorise our secure payment gateway to take payment for the order and once cleared, the watch will be shipped to you. Please note – no card details are stored by us, this is all handled by the secure payment gateway.

If you are unsure or have a question, please contact us and make sure you read our full terms and conditions before ordering.