Hawker Obsidian Strap

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It’s well known that we take our design cues from 20th century military timepieces, so it’s only natural that we offer a modern military style strap.  Ours is the Hawker. It’s a contemporary interpretation of the famous ‘NATO’ strap, made in double thickness and padded ballistic nylon. This material provides incredible tear and water resistance and will not scuff so it stays looking good for a lifetime. We’ve dispensed with metal keepers and instead opted for a pared down look that uses a long Velcro fastener and leather lugs to secure the strap to your watch.

Because this strap is non adjustable it is available in a range of sizes. If you require a specific size tailored to fit your wrist, then please contact us prior to ordering.

XS : 15cm (6 inches)
S : 16.5cm (6.5 inches)
M : 18cm (7 inches)
L : 19.5cm (7.5 inches)
XL : 21cm (8.2 inches)

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