With purity of purpose on the dial, and behind it, Axis Pure draws inspiration from professional instruments of the past and reinvents it for the wrist now.
Handwound watch - Pinion Pure Steel LE Watch
Handwound watch - Pinion Pure Bronze LE Watch
Handwound watch - PINION PURE GG
Handwound watch - Pinion Pure Pro Black
Handwound watch - Pinion Pure Pro Steel
Handwound watch - PINION PURE PRO BRONZE

Sometimes, with all the complications, elaborate designs and ways to display time, it is refreshing to see a watch that brings everything back to the essence of it all. That watch is the Pinion Pure.

The Pure collection is presented as six handwound watches that incorporate dial designs in either arabic numerals or professional (‘pro’) styled applied batons and watch cases in a variety of materials and finishes.

The Pinion Pure is a hand wound watch, powered by a Swiss movement (Unitas 6498).

This mechanical movement was originally developed for pocket watches in the 1950s meaning it is larger than most modern watch movements, however sits nicely in the 42mm case size of the Pure.

The requirement to wind the timepiece on a regular basis allows the owner to form a connection and to discover the delight of it’s slower tick-tick sound that you only really get with older handwound watches from an era before the 1970s.

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