“A contemporary re-imagining of the possibilities for the iconic 1960s Valjoux 7734 handwound movement”

British watch company, Pinion is pleased to announce its first chronograph wristwatch. A contemporary re-imagining of the possibilities for the iconic Valjoux 7734 hand-wound movement, the Pinion Revival 1969 (R1969) allows the wearer to see time on both sides of the watch.

On the front, present time. Hours, minutes, seconds and date display – along with classic chronograph stopwatch registers – appear against a multi-layer, contrast finished black dial with milled, polished and applied indexes and numerals.

On the reverse of the watch and visible in full through the grey smoked glass exhibition case back, we see time as it was measured in the past, in the form of a beautiful NOS Valjoux 7734 hand-wound movement from 1969.

Pinion R-1969 watch
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Pinion R-1969 Watch

Revival 1969


The Revival 1969 chronograph is a contemporary re-imagining of the possibilities for the iconic Valjoux 7734 hand wound movement.

  • 43mm Stainless steel casing with polished finish
  • Arabic dial in black with applied indexes
  • Powered by a new-old-stock Valjoux 7734 hand wound movement
  • Exhibition case back with smoked sapphire glass
  • Limited edition
  • Handmade 22mm leather strap
  • Assembled and tested in England
  • Two-year international warranty

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We have a limited number of R-1969.

Approx 3-4 weeks build time.

Please pay a deposit if you wish to order one of the last watches.

Valjoux 7734 watch movement 1960s-1970s

Born in Switzerland. Raised in England

Revered for its ruggedness and reliability the handwound Valjoux 7734 movement was (and still is) one of the most dependable watch engines of its era. The movements used in the Pinion R1969 production were all made in 1969 but never assembled or put into a watch. That is, until now.

The 7734 movements in Pinion’s stock are nearly fifty years old, yet are as new in their original ébauche (kit) form having never been assembled or used. They will be finished, assembled and tested at Pinion’s watchmaking facility, by experienced BHI qualified watchmakers, prior to full watch assembly in the UK.

“In an age where most mechanical watches are automatic by default, I feel there is something truly captivating about a pure hand-wound watch. The 7734 is an incredibly robust movement, which was developed at a time in the 60s when the Swiss mechanical industry was making bold steps to advance technologies, however, this was turned into turmoil in the 1970s with the advent of the Quartz Revolution, nearly destroying the industry. I’m thrilled to be able to Revive this iconic movement, in the UK and it will form the first watch in a series for the collection”.

– Piers Berry, Pinion founder and R-1969 designer

Revival 1969 watch